Joseph Muscat Asks Public To Respond To Daphne Project At Mass Meeting

Prime Minister: 'There will be repercussions for people who are caught lying to smear Malta's name'

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat dismissed the revelations from The Daphne Project as “rehashed stories from the past” and called for a response from the public at the Labour Party’s upcoming mass meeting on 1st May. 

“With regards the stories that are being rehashed right now, I repeat my call for a sense of calm and tranquility to prevail,” Muscat said in a phone-in on ONE Radio. “I have received many messages of support, but all I can say is that I will look to the future, face discussions and work head-on and do everything that I believe is good for the country. I look forward to a future where everyone respects the country’s institutions. What’s the point of first condemning a person and then calling for an investigation afterwards? That’s like playing judge, jury and executioner."

"We will await the result of all ongoing investigations and take decisions from there, including any decisions on repercussions for people who have been caught lying to smear Malta’s name. The people will make their own decisions and realise who is saying certain things that turn out not to be true. With regards certain things that were organised in the past few days, the best response will be to gather as a united country on 1st May.”

The Daphne Project this week published an email from a leaked FIAU report, which showed that Nexia BT had identified two Dubai companies as target clients for the infamous Panama companies of Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri. 

The report found that one of the two Dubai companies had received at least €1.1 million from an Azeri citizen through a Latvian bank that was recently shut down by the European Central Bank out of serious money laundering concerns, and another €161,000 from Mario Pullicino, the Maltese agent of the tanker supplying LNG to the Delimara power station. 

The story sparked cautious rumblings within the Labour Party and Book Council chairman Mark Camilleri expressed his embarrassment at the Labour Party.

The Daphne Project is expected to release more stories next week. 

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