Joseph Muscat Holds Reception For Hundreds Of Workers Who Braved Malta’s Worst Storm In Decades

"I wanted to give a face to all the people who provided a service last weekend"


Police officers, doctors, soldiers, civil protection officials and everyone else who was out working during last weekend’s powerful storm met up with Prime Minister Joseph Muscat this afternoon.

Muscat invited the workers to Castille as a gesture of appreciation for their efforts during the storm, which has been confirmed as the worst to hit Malta since 1982, with wind gusts reaching 72 knots. "I wanted to give a face to all the people who provided a service last weekend," the Prime Minister said. "I wanted to show the people that this was all thanks to you, you showed that this country has well-functioning systems in place."


The Civil Protection Department had received and assisted in 486 calls last weekend, with 26 people (14 from Sliema, 12 from Birgu) being evacuated from their homes. In some cases, they were assisted by the police and the army. Around 185 tonnes of debris was cleared from the streets in the wake of the storm, while Enemalta had received over 2,000 calls for assistance.

The representatives were from the Civil Protection Department, the police, the Armed Forces, Mater Dei, Malta Industrial Parks, the logistics department within the Education Ministry, Enemalta, the Water Services Corporation, Malta International Airport, the MET Office, Heritage Malta, the Cleansing Department, LESA, Festivals Malta, the Malta Arts Council, ELC, Ambjent Malta, the government's farming response team, Transport Malta, Malta Public Transport, Infrastructure Malta, Gozo Channel, Eco Għawdex, Rural Gozo, the Gozo Ministry, the Housing Authority, St John's Rescue Corps, Malta Red Cross, the Emergency Response & Rescue Corps and the telecommunications companies GO, Vodafone and Melita.

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