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Joseph Portelli Says He Would ‘Gladly’ Pay A Fine Over Illegal Qala Works

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Controversial developer Joseph Portelli has admitted that he was wrong to carry out works on an outside development zone site in Qala, adding that he would happily pay a fine to make up for it. 

Over the past weeks, activists from Moviment Graffitti, as well as Qala mayor Paul Buttigieg, have all called out Portelli over the work on a 164 apartment residential complex in Qala, part of which is outside the development zone. 

The complex will also include a communal pool for which a permit has been submitted but not yet granted. Despite not having a permit in hand, Portelli has started work on it, telling the Times of Malta that he expected to be granted one in the near future.  

In comments to the paper Portelli admitted he was “wrong” to carry out work with a permit and said he would “gladly” pay a fine. 

Despite the acknowledgment, Portelli maintained that he was being unfairly targeted. 

The project, he insisted, had been implemented in line with the law. 

“Now, this week we’re submitting plans for two pools at the back of the block as well, and I know the permit will eventually be issued because we are well within our right to build pools there,” Portelli told the Times. 

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