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Kenyan Masters Student Loses Refuse-Collection Job In Gozo After Speaking Up About Abusive Conditions

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A Kenyan father-of-two living in Gozo has lost his refuse-collection job after speaking out about the extreme conditions he was being forced to work in.

Dave Maoga, a Masters student studying Insurance and Risk Management at the University of Malta, is now seeking new employment with his young family relying on him.

“My relationship with my boss became sour after the incident and early this week we had a lengthy discussion and we agreed to part ways,” Maoga said.

“My post was as general as possible but the response from you people was overwhelming and gave me hope,” he continued. “Well, I lost my job so to say, and it’s time to pick up and keep moving. This is better than holding on to a ‘situation’. A strong man never gives up, especially when you are doing for the people you love.”

Dave Maoga and his two young daughters

Dave Maoga and his two young daughters

Maoga had spoken about being forced to work even as he was feeling nauseous and throwing up when he opened up about his experience in a post in the Jobs Malta Facebook group.

During one particular work session under the summer heat, his work partner suggested to their boss that Maoga should rest and take some time off as he was throwing up. The boss replied by saying: “if you go to rest I am afraid I will let you rest for good”.

Keeping positive, however, Maoga said he is not looking for any sympathy or handouts, but for a proper job that treats him respectfully and that he can rely on.

“Despite my previous experience in banking and insurance, dish-washing and garbage collection, I know I have always had an urge to be in a creative industry… scriptwriting and music perhaps. I have nothing to offer but the ability to learn,” he said.

“What’s most important is to learn so when I go back to my country, they see a great mind with positive values.”

Maoga’s story emerged just days before another story of worker abuse in the refuse-collection industry was uncovered. Earlier this week Lovin Malta reported how a Nigerian man had been attacked and left without pay after he confronted his employer over missing wages.

Since Olandu John Bright’s shocking video became public, over €3,000 has been raised for him, with multiple people offering him a new job.

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