La Rive Wine Bar Is Closing Its Doors

The Villa's Chris Hammett to take over

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When La Rive Cafe and Wine Bar opened in Malta, the now commonplace wine bar format had only just been introduced to the islands. The Sliema Ferries' hang-out came to be known as a destination for young, fashionable people who were after a night of good food and drink – without committing to the full-blown restaurant experience per se.

Over the years the establishment has gone through peaks and troughs of popularity – no doubt related to the rise of said wine bar format on the islands – and the corner cafe ultimately lost a lot of its novelty. 

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La Rive organised live music every Friday night

The cafe and wine bar has been closed, but the official word is now in – La Rive will be taken over by Chris Hammett, manager of The Villa, and his team. 

It will be relaunched as a completely re-branded establishment in the coming weeks, and from what its new manager tells Lovin Malta, it's going to be yet another foodie destination to look out for.

"I'm taking on this project to do something close to my heart – culinary wise. Something that will take into consideration my training in London, my experience as a restauranteur in Malta, as well as my general love for dining and socialising," Hammett told us. 

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Hammett is behind The Villa – a popular local social destination which caters for special occasions, works with top events' managers on regular events, and is also open as a restaurant daily.

Whilst we bid farewell to La Rive – a place where many Maltese people made great memories – we look forward to seeing what the new establishment will have to offer. We're watching this space.

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