Labour Fills Up Triton Square With Youths Hours Before Mass Meeting

Several thousands of PL supporters turn up for 1st May mass meeting

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Photos: Partit Laburista 

Triton Square is already packing up fast with people, predominantly youths, with hours to go before this afternoon’s mass meeting. 

There is a party atmosphere at the rally and many people have turned up wearing T-shirts inspired by vlogger Nas Daily. 

It is traditional for the Labour Party to hold a mass meeting on 1st May (Workers’ Day), but this year’s event is noteworthy in that it will be held for the first time at the newly-revamped Triton Square outside Valletta. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who is expected to address the crowds at around 5:30pm, has urged his supporters to attend the rally in droves to send a response to The Daphne Project and government critics.

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