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Lawyers In Gozo To Strike Over Serious Shortcomings In The Courts

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Lawyers in Gozo are set to go on strike over serious shortcomings in the courts after authorities failed to address concerns raised during another civil action more than four months ago.

In a statement, a long list of serious issues within the courts were flagged, namely that it still remains without Assistant Registrar; that there is a shortage of trained and qualified staff;  and that the courts are operating without any marshalls being stationed there on a full-time basis. 

The serious shortcomings in the Gozitan courts have also been identified in separate reports by the Commission for Persons with Disabilities and the Occupational Safety Authority. However, they have remained completely ignored. 

There are remain major issues in processing crucial documents and injunctions, with the statement claiming that oftentimes they are not processed until the day of the hearing. Transcripts, the statement, said, were not being made on time, some of which are crucial to court sittings. 

Decrees are also not being communicated to the relevant parties.

Meanwhile, documents are not being traced on the court’s internal system and are not being scanned. 

The strike will begin on 30th September and will see lawyers not attend any hearings held in the courts. 

“[We] believe that this is the only way to complain… so that the Justice system in Gozo will be able to function normally,” the statement said. 

This is not the first time lawyers have gone on strike in 2021. On 3rd June, lawyers did not show up for sittings over the poor state of the court facilities.

What do you think of the strike?

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