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‘Let Us Know If You’re Going To Postpone,’ Entertainment Professionals Tell Promoters Amidst Slew Of Cancellations

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Maltese entertainment industry professionals have called on promoters to inform them if they’ll be cancelling events they are scheduled to work at.

This comes amidst a slew of cancelled events, oftentimes communicated via a Facebook post, leaving workers like photographers, security, DJs and others the last to find out.

“A message from a fellow artist, same applies to photographers please!” Maltese photographer Shaun Spiteri said as he shared a post calling for promoters to communicate any change of plans immediately.

“Organisers, if you decide to cancel your event please communicate straight away to the DJs you had booked instead of letting them find it out by Facebook. This is extremely disrespectful! They could potentially still find another gig. We have enough to deal with in our life at the moment with all these cancellations so please don’t make it worse,” the post said.

His post comes as Malta’s entertainment scene is seeing cancellations and postponements due to a spike in COVID-19 cases.

The last four major festivals set to occur in Malta this summer were cancelled just today, and new government restrictions have made promoters even warier of organising any events for the time being.

However, with professionals’ calendars still full of plans, a bit of a heads-up about the cancellations can go a long way for them.

What do you think of the state of Malta’s entertainment scene in summer 2020?

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