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‘Let’s Take To The Streets!’ V18 Artistic Director Calls For Protests After Justyne Caruana Resignation

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A prominent Maltese director, writer and vocal Labour supporter has called for people to take to the streets over the resignation of former Gozitan Minister Justyne Caruana.

In in a fully caps-locked rant, Mario Philip Azzopardi said that “everyone knows” that Caruana had done nothing wrong.

“The resignation doesn’t make sense when he knows for sure that Justyne did nothing wrong. Indeed, everyone knows she did nothing but good and that is recognised by both sides,” Azzopardi said.

Azzopardi then went on to say that she was having to pay for how her husband was being seen by others.

“Now, where are those who fought for the rights of women?”

Justyne Caruana’s husband is former Deputy Police Commissioner Silvio Valletta, who went on at least two holidays abroad with murder suspect Yorgen Fenech to watch football matches.

Valletta previously led the investigation into the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia but was made to step down following a decision by the consitutional court.

During the first of these two holidays, Valletta was still on the investigation. The police were aware of Fenech’s potential involvement during the same period (May 2018). Valletta insists he did not know this fact.

Azzopardi went on to say that Caruana’s resignation was nothing more than “another win for those who want to destabilise the country” and he warned that now “they will turn on Edward Scicluna”.

In the name of “justice and transparency,” he called for people to take to the streets to fight back against those attempting to disturb the public peace, ending by saying he didn’t want “those that represent Malta in Europe be addicted to cocaine” in what appeared to be a reference PN MEP David Casa.

Azzopardi, 69-years-old, worked in Canada for many years on television shows like Stargate Atlantis. He had recently courted controversy after calling a Maltese protestor in London “a sorry bitch“, for which he later apologised over.

What do you think of Azzopardi’s sentiment?

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