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LIVE: Konrad Mizzi Appears Before Public Accounts Committee To Answer Questions On Electrogas Contract

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Former minister Konrad Mizzi is appearing before Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee to answer questions about the Electrogas contract. 

The committee is currently discussing an auditor general report from an investigation into the contract and the manner in which it was awarded. 

Several witnesses who were involved in awarding the contract have appeared before the committee. 

Mizzi failed to attend four committee meetings before finally accepting the committee’s invitation last week. 

Rather than answer questions put to him by his fellow MPs, Mizzi decided to avail himself of the right to give an oral presentation before he starts answering questions. 

What followed was a two-hour-long rant about the state of Malta’s energy sector before 2013 and how this was improved by the Labour government. 

Last week’s sitting ended with Mizzi still giving his oral presentation, with the former minister telling the committee that he still had a long way to go before finishing. 

It remains to be seen whether or not he will be allowed to continue with his presentation before any questions are put to him. 

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