Local Architects Propose A Solution To Malta's Traffic Problem

A case for getting ON the grid

Alternative Grid

A team of architects from Daniel Scerri Periti have devised a proposal that promises to "solve Malta's traffic problem". Their scheme, called The Alternative Grid, combines a collection of infrastructural solutions which when combined work towards a more efficient and varied transport system.

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The premise is simple – they propose adding separate infrastructure to what already exists that is exclusively for bicycle and pedestrian commuters. Their testament to the system's viability is the number of months of good weather that Malta enjoys:

"Our country also benefits from a long period of good weather, making such proposal more realistic. The first routes are centred around the University area since, as a sample of the population, students and teachers are most likely to use the new system, representing a significant proportion of the car users."

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The architects suggest phasing the project. Focusing on core congestion areas first – Swieqi, San Gwann, Xwieki, Madliena, Pembroke, Paceville, St. Julians, Kappara and Gzira, to and from University/ Mater Dei – and then moving on to other traffic points on the islands. 


They've designed the system to include entry points that are integrated with Malta's existing infrastructure. Meaning the intervention will beneficiary without being too invasive.

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Their idea is to incorporate a bicycle/pedestrian flyover that eliminates the problem of the islands hilly terrain for anyone wishing to travel to work without a motor

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The architects suggest that "Added benefits of the system are also a cleaner environment, a healthier lifestyle, and the ability to enjoy parts of the country and viewpoints previously inaccessible or unknown. It is both a short-term and long-term solution with comparatively less investment required than other large-scale long-term solutions."

The scheme placed third in a competition launched by Transport Malta earlier this summer. Our only question is – why hasn't it this actually happened yet? People in charge – take note. 


All images by Daniel Scerri Periti

Project Team: Daniel Scerri, Rebecca Zammit, Luke Sciberras, Ruth Vella.

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