10 Million Cigarettes, Cannabis, Ivory And Cars: Malta Customs Seize Shitton Of Stuff In First 6 Months of 2018

So, which of you bad boys tried to smuggle 64 packs of plastic bags in?

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The Malta Customs Department has released a list of contraband and illicit items they've confiscated in the first six months of 2018, and it's pretty impressive.

A total of 9,933,986 contraband cigarettes and 78.2 kilograms of tobacco were seized by the Malta Customs Department in the first six months of 2018, the department said on Wednesday.

The department said that it also hauled eight kilograms of cannabis, two kilograms of cocaine, 2,617 bottles of alcohol, and three ivory ornaments.

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They also confiscated some pretty random contraband, including 84 boxes of pipe fittings, 64 packs of plastic bags.

The department also seized three cars, 99,570 counterfeit products and referred 18 postal packages with a small amount of drugs to the police in the same period.

"In order to combat excise tax evasion and contraband activity, the Customs Department has increased the number of searches at outlets and open air markets and, with the arrival of the summer season, the department is committed to tighten its enforcement grip," the Customs department said.

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"In fact, the move has been felt, with the Department recording an increase in positive cases over last year. In the past couple of months alone, over 260,000 contraband cigarettes have been seized from bars, pastizzeria's, and outlets, while hundreds of bottles of wine and alcoholic beverages are being seized from restaurants and shops on a daily basis," the continued. "The Customs Department is also gearing up to clamp down on the use of illegal fuel, increasing the number of field tests to hamper the illegal operations."

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