10-Year-Old Maltese Boy From Tarxien Saved From Choking To Death

The frightening phenomenon seems to be getting worryingly frequent

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A potential tragedy was averted earlier today when a 10-year-old boy from Ħal Tarxien was just about saved from choking to death. 

According to a report by Newsbook, the rescue was thanks to a medical team in an ambulance stationed at the Paola Clinic who were very quick to arrive on the scene. The young boy was taken to Mater Dei hospital to be given additional treatment. 

People have expressed concerns over the apparent added frequency with which similar cases seem to be happening. Just 10 days ago, a five-year-old boy was rushed to intensive care after having choked on some food a few days before Christmas. 

The Independent had reported that, after the boy spent a number of days in the ITU, the family was informed there was no longer any hope for him. It was at this point that the decision was taken to turn off the machines keeping the five-year-old alive.

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