8 Guys, 1 Lamp Post: Hilarious Shot From Sliema Promenade Goes Viral, Because Just Look At It

Enemalta has now provided a clarification on the puzzling photo

Lamp Post Sliema Promenade Photo

They say too many cooks spoil the broth, but what if there are just so many cooks, that the whole thing goes full circle? Well, it seemed like a group of workers took that theory to the test, congregating around one single lamp post on the Sliema promenade.

In what has since become one of the island's viral photos of the week, seven men could were spotted gathered around one single lamp post, while another guy in a high-visibility jacket could be seen fixing the lighting fixture on a ladder.

Screenshot 2018 12 05 At 17 13 23

As pixelated as it may be, this photo belongs in a museum.

Everything about the photo this meme gold material, from its perfect angle, to the men's positioning, to the fact that three of them look like the same exact person Photoshopped into different positions.

And of course, soon enough, the hilarious comments and memes started pouring in.

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Shared all over Facebook, the photo quickly caused an uproar online, prompting Enemalta themselves to comment. It turns out that the workers were attending the start of a maintenance project brief on the promenade's decorative lighting, and this shot just happened to capture them at the wrong time (or should we say, the exact perfect time).

As reported by Times of Malta, here's Enemalta's response:

"The Enemalta team then split in two gangs of two men each, one that would interact locally next to each pole and the other team at substation and/or switching pillars to carry out testing and switching along the entire promenade and at other remote locations. Enemalta assures its customers that we give the necessary attention to both safety and efficiency at the place of work."

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