9 Alternatives KSU Is Offering University Of Malta Students To Promote Alternative Methods Of Transport

There's a future where you won't have to deal with car-park stress when getting to your lectures

Malta University Alternatives

Following controversies regarding the University Sports Ground being opened to students to allow them to park their cars on the football field, KSU have come up with a list of different ways that students can get to their lectures without having to get into their car.

In a Facebook post uploaded to their page on Wednesday, KSU said they've been pushing to promote alternative modes of transport and that they have "always been at the forefront in pursuing alternative modes of transport other than the use of the conventional private car."

These are some of the recommendations that KSU have made to students interested in making use of more sustainable methods of travelling.

1. A Park & Ride System from Pembroke

Along with Tallinja, KSU will be giving out free passes to students to make use of the P&R system in Pembroke, and they pledge to push for more park and ride locations, so that students from the South can even benefit from this great initiative.

2. The new Carpooling Service in collaboration with Green Roads Malta

If students take part in the Carpooling Service programme, they'll be able to reserve a parking space in Carpark 4, which is right next to the University Quadrangle.

So you'll be able to arrive to university five minutes before your lecture, completely composed and frustration-free.

3. Subsidies on bicycles and motorbikes

Subsidies on bicycles and e-bikes of a total of more than €3,500 will be given out.

They'll also be giving out subsidies on motorcycle lessons of a total of more than €3,500.

There's the possibility to receive money to spend money? Sign me up.

4. Subsidies on motorcycle purchases

You can even get money for buying a motorbike. The purpose of this is to promote more motorcycle users on the road, since they take up less road-space and contribute less to the traffic congestion that we all know is a major issue on this island.

This year could be the year that you finally owned that Harley Davidson and black leather jacket your mother never approved of.

5. Subsidies and discounts on electric cars

Joseph Muscat recently announced that Gozo would become an electric car nation, and so it makes sense that KSU are also trying to push this initiative further by encouraging people to buy their electric cars.

So to those looking to buy their first car, this initiative's for you.

6. Bike racks on University Grounds

KSU have proposed to introduce 20 new racks on the University Grounds this year. There are already a number of bike racks at Gateway and on the Quadrangle, among other places, so cyclists are safe to leave their bikes on campus while they attend their lectures.

7. The increase in motorcycle bays

Once KSU have paid for your motorcycle lessons (and your motorbike), they've also promised to increase motorcycle bays to park comfortably around university.

Owning that Harley Davidson is looking more and more likely...

8. The introduction of the Car Sharing service at University

Last December, GoTo Malta launched their car sharing service in Malta, which makes it possible for anyone to access 150 cars around Malta and Gozo right now, ready to get you wherever you need.

Their rates are as low as €0.28 a minute and all you have to do to rent a car is download the app and unlock your very own car.

9.Bike-sharing for students

If buying a bicycle is too big of a commitment for you, worry not! There's this last alternative that KSU has come up with which allows you to cycle to university without even owning a bike yourself.

In collaboration with Nextbike Malta, KSU will offer students the possibility to rent a bike to use for their route to University. For a membership fee of just €5, students can pick up any Nextbike from the nearest bay to them and cycle to their lectures.

KSU will continue pushing to promote alternative modes of commuting, and have reassured students that the Sports Complex car-park is only a temporary solution that will be implemented for the last semester of this scholastic year. Following that, it will be renovated as part of the recent projects that are currently underway at the university.

"KSU will be at the forefront in ensuring that University gets the Sports Complex it deserves which has been in the pipeline for a number of years"

In the meantime, students and university staff can walk, bike, carpool or car-share to arrive to their lectures and beat the parking issue. For those peeved off by the parking issue, you no longer have to be devoted to the car-god, as you can easily convert to an alternative-transport user ASAP.

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