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A 138-Room Hotel Will Be Built In St. Julian’s Right Next To Baystreet

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The Planning Authority has just approved the construction of another hotel in St. Julian’s, right next to the Baystreet Shopping Complex. The hotel will be erected on the site next to St Rita’s Chapel and the St Augustine Convent, and will include up to 138 rooms and six underground levels for parking.

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Back in December 2018, the board had claimed that it would not be granting approval to the project

Seven board members out of the nine had stated that they would like to refuse permission, despite the Case Officer proposing that the project should be approved.

After the project was initially turned down, it was revised and the points made by the board were amended. The revised plans eliminated the placement of tables and chairs in the public square, whilst also introducing a baggage drop-off point at the side entrance. However, one of the main reasons for refusal remained that the area was currently designated as a residential buffer zone. Despite the applicant noting that the St. Rita Chapel which falls within the site boundaries was in and of itself a buffer zone, the PA board member representing the St. Julian’s local council said that the project would contribute to all the noise and problems that residents are already facing in the area.

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In the end, the PA board voted seven members to four in favour of granting permission to the project, including PA representatives from the government and the opposition voting in favour.

What do you think of the development?

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