A Factory With Over 300 Illegal Animals Has Just Been Raided In Mrieħel

This is the second illegal animal den raided in a month


Barely a month after an illegal farm with dozens of illegal and stolen animals was raided by police, a factory in Mrieħel has been raided by the police, officers from the Animal Welfare Department, and the Planning Authority.

TVM reported that this factory had been built in an ODZ zone, and was built illegally. It was also reported to be in a bad condition.

The authorities wanted to demolish the factory, but when they entered it they found over 300 chickens, roosters, pigeons, rabbits, parrots, and assorted animals. 

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Representatives from the Animal Welfare Department told TVM that the animals had been kept in bad conditions, and would be taken for a checkup and any needed medical attention. When the animals are certified as healthy, the department would be working with local NGOs to find them a new home.

The Animal Welfare Department also specifically assured everyone that the animals will not be put to sleep.

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After the animals were removed, and indoor cleanup was commenced. Solar panels that had been installed on the roof were also removed. The cleanup is expected to remove tonnes of waste. 

The factory belongs to Philip Borg. The authorities had a similar problem with Mr. Borg four years ago, when he was found to be obstructing justice. It is understood that he is asking for a injunction by the courts to stop the authorities cleanup.

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How many of these illegal animal dens do you think there are in Malta?

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