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‘A Lot Of Blood Was Shed To Get To This’: Jon Mallia Urges Voters To ‘Do Their Duty’

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Popular local podcaster Jon Mallia took to social media to reflect on the importance of voting, even though our country is on a “downhill journey”.

“God knows how much blood was shed for humans to get to this document,” Mallia wrote, attaching a photo of his vote.

Mallia told Lovin Malta that he has already done his duty and cast his MEP vote early.

“The vote is a monument with which humans remember the continuous fight against tyranny,” he wrote, adding that “our ancestors fought to rid us of the tyrannical rule of the king or dictator.”

“Democracy isn’t something that has always been. It’s quite the opposite,” he continued, saying that all this could disappear “in a moment of distraction”.

“Things in our country are far from perfect, so much so that lately, we have embarked on a downhill journey,” the podcaster wrote.


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He then went on to say that despite the current state of our country, “complaining and apathy won’t get us anywhere”.

Mallia then urged others to take a stand and not miss the chance to vote in the 8th June elections, writing, “Malta, do not sleep on your duties – to your siblings, your children, and yourself. Malta, stand up.”

In a subsequent social media post, Jon said that “it is a mere fable that all politicians are the same. A fable that serves those who are conniving thieves.”

“This is an outright lie which serves those who pig out and hide amongst others who do not,” he said, adding that this belief “puts the honest politician who has the potential of doing good, at a disadvantage.”

He went on to compare politics to fatherhood, saying that while there are fathers who beat up their children every day, not all fathers are violent. He explained that meanwhile, there are fathers who open their hearts up to their children, who turn out to be confident and happy people.

“Similarly, politics in of itself is not dirty,” Mallia expressed.

“Don’t be silly. Saying that politicians are all the same is like saying that all water is sewage.”

“Listen, observe, and filter. Then, take action,” Mallia urged voters.

Are you going out to vote on 8th June?

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