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A Perfect Day For A Spring Protest: Here’s How You Can Join Assedju PA Today

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Activists from local group Moviment Graffiti are now on the third day of their peaceful protest against the Planning Authority. The group set up camp outside the PA headquarters in Floriana on Thursday morning, and have since engaged in various debates and activities as a part of what they are called ‘Assedju PA’.

Moviment Graffiti are protesting against the PA’s petrol station policies, as well as the fact that they have been waiting for over a year for the review of these policies.

They plan on staying there for another day, and this is how you can get involved

Obviously, anyone is welcome to join the camp in Floriana at any point. Several people have been stopping by throughout the day, dropping off water and treats for the protesters. But Moviment Graffiti are also hosting a couple of events today, and they are inviting the public to join in.

A game of ‘Tombla Sulari‘ at 3pm

‘Tombla Sulari is exactly the same as the traditional tombla held in the local band clubs, but the rules are slightly different and may change on the spot to favour anyone we may like more than we like you – just like those of the Planning Boards!’

A ‘Street PArty‘ at 8pm

DJ Sortegentaic will be spinning some tunes to get the party going. And while it may sound weird to hold a party at a protest, this is the perfect way to make your voice heard and engage in some important conversations.

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