Adrian Delia Asks Prime Minister To Testify In Egrant Court Case

Delia's lawyer argued that Muscat was using the inquiry report to his party’s advantage

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It was established earlier today that Adrian Delia’s lawyer, Vincent Galea will be asking Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to testify about communications which took place between himself and the Attorney General Peter Grech.

Back in August, the Constitutional Court decided to hear with urgency the application presented by Delia which demanded the Attorney General give him a copy of the Egrant inquiry report for the sake of political balance.

The Opposition Leader stated that the Attorney General, Peter Grech was creating a political imbalance between the Opposition and the Government.

Muscat will be asked to testify in court proceedings which were instituted by Delia, who asked for a full copy of the Egrant inquiry report.

Delia filed a constitutional application back in August where he argued that since this was a matter of national importance, Grech’s refusal to hand over the report created a conflict of constitutional significance in the country.

The courts supported the request by Delia which asked for the case to be heard with urgency.

Peter Grech rebutted the argument, stating that the sensitivity of the case meant that it should not be rushed.

Last July, Muscat had stated that the entire report should be made available, however in the same statement he also claimed that Grech did not agree with it being published.

During today’s sitting, Galea argued that Muscat was using the inquiry report to his party’s advantage. He said that information on correspondences between the Attorney General and the Prime Minister should be presented, along with information on whether the report had been passed onto someone else.

“This type of exercise was unprecedented, useless and without a legal basis,” Grech said.

In a statement published earlier today, the Nationalist Party accused the Attorney General of delaying proceedings.

Delia is expected to testify during next Wednesday’s hearing.

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Chiara Micallef