Air Malta Flights To Mumbai, New York And Toronto Are On The Cards

Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi is eyeing North America and Asia after Europe and the Middle East

Air Malta Flights Mumbai New York Toronto

Malta's Tourism Minister has voiced his vision for Air Malta to being long-haul flights to faraway destinations like New York City, Toronto, and Mumbai in the coming years.

In an interview on TVM's Xtra, Konrad Mizzi said that he believed Malta could be flying to these international cities in three or four years time.

"If the country wants to increase its economic growth, we need better connectivity. We need to look forward and dream that, in to three to four years’ time, why shouldn't we have flights to New York, Toronto, or Mumbai?” Mizzi asked.

A representative from the Malta Tourism Authority confirmed this long term plan, saying: "Konrad Mizzi’s long term vision for Air Malta’s network is to expand it to mid and long haul routes, and mentioned the possibilities of New York in the US and Mumbai in India."

With 2018 being the first year that Air Malta made a slim profit, after years of losing money

The company is now focused on tightening up its business and expanding into new areas.

The airline is looking to expand its network for shorter haul routes, such as cities like Cairo, in order to expand further in the Mediterranean. Indeed, the airline is hoping to establish itself as the "airline of the Mediterranean", with the possibility of hubbing in different islands situated in the Mediterraenan such as Sicily.

Following a delegation in Toulouse attended by the Tourism Minister, potential plans for collaboration on a flight Academy with Airbus, and the possibility of cost-effective measures such as getting an A321 XLR for Air Malta’s fleet, were also discussed

The A321XLR is one of the latest aircraft by Airbus and would carry extra fuel and expand the range of the A321LR aircraft, which recently claimed a long-distance record for single-aisle jets.

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