Another Day, Another Drug Bust: Three Containers Containing Over €10 Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized At Malta Freeport

That's now six containers in one week and €68.2 million worth of cocaine in 2019 alone

Malta Customs Cocaine Bust Seizure

If you've been thinking to yourself that Malta's latest drug seizures were as impressive as they could possibly get, think again. Last night, yet another major operation was carried out, and the numbers are as impressive as they've constantly been as of late.

In the early hours of Sunday, the Customs Container Monitoring Unit identified a number of containers for scanning, revealing irregularities in three containers.

The result? 91.25 kilos of cocaine, worth €10.3 million

In a Facebook post this morning, Customs Malta detailed the entire 19-hour operation which stretched into the early hour of Monday morning.

From the first container, 20 packets of cocaine, weighing 24 kilos, were elevated, with a street value of €2.7 million.

The second container yielded 40 packets of cocaine, weighing 48 kilos, with a street value of €5.4 million.

In the third container, the Customs Officials found 16 packets of cocaine, weighing 19.25 kilos and a street value of €2.2 million.

That brings the total amount of this latest seizure to 76 packets of cocaine.

The first and the third containers were transhipping Malta, from South America, en-route to Durres, in Albania, while the second container, which also originated from South America, was transhipping our port en-route to Thessaloniki, in Greece.

"The operation was the result of a concerted between the employees of the Customs Department, the Police and Malta Freeport," Customs Malta explained. "The case was handed over to the Police Anti Drug Squad, who are conducting the investigations. The duty Magistrate is leading the inquiry assisted by a team of experts from the Police Forensics Unit."

"Yesterday’s operation continues to establish Malta’s Freeport as one of the most secured ports in the region," Customs Malta's statement finished.

It's been an insane year for drug seizures in Malta, with 606.45 kilos of cocaine, worth €68.2 million

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