Another One: Sparky The Sniffer Dog Discovers 10kg Of Cannabis Hidden In Car Coming Down To Malta From Sicily

This is the second drug bust within the same day

Malta Sicily Cocaine Bust Sniffer Dog

Following the news that the Malta Customs Department seized €4.5 million worth of cocaine, news has just broken that they also seized €20,000 worth of cannabis.

Malta Cannabis Drug Bust

Yesterday, during routine checks by the Customs Canine Unit and by Customs Enforcement Unit, 10kg of cannabis was found hidden inside a car.

The car arrived in Malta by ferry from Sicily and belongs to an Italian national.

Malta Cannabis Drug Bust1

The drugs were found by Sparky the sniffer dog, and are the second stash of drugs to be found by Customs yesterday. It also marks the seventh major dug bust to take place in Malta in 2018.

Sparky The Sniffer Dog

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