Autopsy Confirms 'Excessive Heat, Heavy Loads And The Steep Route Contributed' To Horse's Death

The results conclusively show how Gringu the 11-year-old horse died around two weeks ago

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Clint Camilleri, the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, has released the results of an autopsy held on the deceased body of an 11-year-old horse named Gringu.

"Necropsy confirmed the combination of excessive heat, heavy loads & the steep route contributed to the death of the karozzin (carriage) horse. Animal Welfare just issued a kwerela (complaint) for mistreatment against the owner. Animal abuses will not be tolerated," he said in a tweet.

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Many people were outraged after a video of the dead horse was released

Gringu died in the same week as another horse allegedly slipped on an oil spill, leading scores of people and animals rights activists to organise a protest demanding the banning of horse-drawn carriages in Malta.

What do you think of the necropsy's results?

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