Blind Man Files Police Report After He 'Was Beaten Up On Bus From Mater Dei'

Shocking incident on board Maltese bus reported to police

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A Maltese woman has confirmed her blind father has filed a police report after he was beaten up on a bus for requesting a disabled seat from one of the passengers.

Writing in a popular Facebook forum today, the woman said her parents had yesterday taken a bus from Mater Dei but that the seat reserved for people with disabilities was occupied by a 3 year-old child.

"My mum asked the baby’s mother if she can hold him so my father can have the seat," the woman posted. "All of a sudden, the woman and her partner started yelling and punching my father and my mother!”

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“The woman was in her mid 20s and her partner in his mid 30s. I hope you are seeing this post, as what you did to my parents may be done to you when you are their age. Thank God that you can see from both eyes and I hope you will never experience blindness!”

A spokesperson for Malta Public Transport told Lovin Malta that the bus company hasn’t been formally notified about the incident by the bus driver or any of the passengers on the bus. She confirmed she asked the woman on Facebook for details of the bus ride so the company can preserve CCTV footage, but she hasn’t received a response as of the time of writing.

However, the woman confirmed with One News that her parents have reported the case to the police.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t much public awareness about blindness and how people can make life easier for blind people,” she said.

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