BREAKING: SDM Wins KSU Election At University Of Malta

They will be re-elected as the incumbents

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SDM - Studenti Demokristjani Maltin - have won the KSU elections at the University of Malta. They now return to their seats at the university's student council.

Campaigning with the slogan Li Jixraq Lilek, SDM said that they would ensure that student's problems and interests would always be at the forefront of their policies. 

They said they would be building on the previous year's ideas, such as extended library hours, more water fountains, and more funds, to better Maltese students' experience at University.

This was also the first time that online voting was incorporated after last week's Annual General Meeting passed a resolution to allow online voting in this year's KSU election.

As soon as the results were announced - a mere 19 minutes after voting closed - a large crowd gathered on Quad to celebrate SDM's victory.

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