British Woman Has The Worst Morning Commute In Malta

We'll take traffic over this

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Traffic jams in this heat are among the most hated things about Maltese summers, and when you pair that with the daily morning commute, things get very frustrating very quickly. Just in case you thought you've had a shitty start to the morning or you were a little late to work, don't worry; one woman has proved it could definitely be worse.

This morning, at 5:15am, a British woman crashed her car into Sliema's Għar id-Dud promenade this morning. The white Kia Avella climbed the pavement, crashed through the trees and dislodged three bollards before being stopped by a fourth bollard on the promenade opposite the Preluna Hotel.

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In a weird turn of events, however, the woman fled the scene, telling people she was late for work.

The car, as expected, left a trail of damaged vegetation and broken pieces of the pavement and bollards. The white Avella also lost its bumper and had a badly damaged bonnet as a result of the crash. 

Thankfully, no one was injured... probably due to the fact that it happened at such an early time, seeing as the promenade would normally be full of people at any other given time. The police are currently investigating the case, but in the meantime, we hope the driver managed to make it to work on time.

Photos by Malcolm Briffa

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