Can Someone's Morning Get Any Worse? Car Surrounded By Tarmac As Roadworks Start On St Paul’s Bay Street

Mornings can be tough…

St Pauls Bay Tarmac Lovin Malta

Morning drives to work can be a challenge, whether it's the traffic, noise, or truck stopping in the middle the road to buy some pastizzi. The investment in roads was meant to change all that, and so far there have been some improvements.

One person in St Paul’s Bay, however, woke up to more than they bargained for.

Photos have emerged on social media showing a lonely car sitting on a road as tarmac is paved around it, making for a nice contrast between what our roads are and what they should be.

Screenshot 2019 04 16 At 09 42 00

Photo Credit: Elayne Baldacchino

Hopefully this photo can serve as a reminder to follow the rules and stop ignoring construction signs, something we're all guilty of.

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