Car Collision In Main St Julian's Road Leaves One Person Injured And Multiple Cars Damaged

The incident happened this morning

Spinola Car Crash Lovin Malta

A car crash between two vehicles in the main road of Triq Mikiel Anġ Borg has left at least one person injured and caused a traffic buildup this morning.

One 45-year-old Korean person and another foreigner were removed from their car, with the second person being taken out on a stretcher and rushed to hospital to be treated for their injuries, while a 37-year-old person from Raħal Ġdid who was in the other vehicle did not suffer any injuries.

A number of parked cars were also damaged in the collision.

The collision occurred at 7:30am this morning, and the police have confirmed that the condition of the injured person is as yet unknown.

Image From I Os 15

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