Children's Allowance In Malta Is Getting A Raise For The First Time In 11 Years

Around 42,000 families will be benefiting from the increase

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The Family Ministry has announced that, starting from January 2019, there will be an increase in children's allowance given to Maltese families in a vulnerable position.

The highest rate of Children’s Allowance will rise to reach a maximum of €96 per year for each child.

This increase is targeted for families with an income of under €20,000 so as to continue working on this Government’s aim that no child lives in the risk of poverty. This is the first time in 11 years that children's allowances would be raised in Malta.

Aside from an increase in children's allowance, there is set to also be an increase for foster carers. The foster care allowance is set to raise by €1,560 per year.

"The foster care allowance has increased to €30 per week per child," a Ministry spokesperson said. "Thus, every person who is fostering a child will receive €1560 per year per child."

"The children’s disability allowance is paid out to parents whose children suffer from some form of physical or mental disability," they continued. "In 2014, the Government had already increased this allowance from €16.31 to €20 per week. From next year, this allowance will increase by another €5 to €25 per week, amounting to €260 per year. Around 1,400 children with disabilities and their families will benefit from this increase.".

Minister Michael Falzon said that around €9 million would be given out in the first three months of 2019, with 42,000 families and 63,000 children benefiting from the allowance.

Falzon continued to say that these new rates will be paid to families as from 15th December 2018, since the payments which will be issued next will cover the period from January to March 2019.

You can find out if you are applicable for children's allowance and apply for it by following this link.

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