Cigarette Bust: More Than 7 Million Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized In Malta

The container carrying them passed through Malta on its way to Tunisia

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7.73 million counterfeit cigarettes were found hidden in a container at the Freeport earlier this morning.

The Customs Department announced that it was able to intercept a container filled with contraband and counterfeit cigarettes. This container had arrived from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, making its way to Tunisia.

Counterfeit Cigs

The counterfeit and contraband cigarettes that were seized by the Maltese Customs Department

Through the coordinated work of the Container Monitoring Unit, the Intellectual Property Rights Unit and the Scanning Team and the use of new scanner equipment, the operation was a success.

They were recognised as counterfeit cigarettes with the aid of the rights holders. The company that holds the rights and the trademark has filed a court application.

The department said it had already seized some 48.6 million contraband cigarettes this year, for a combined total of 56.3 million.

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