Concrete Pump Falls Over In Tight St. Julians Backstreet

A complex operation is now underway to erect it


A concrete pump has fallen over on a construction site in Bonavita Street St. Julians. After the pump fell over, it laid to rest on a local house in the same street. 

No-one was hurt in the incident. 

The pump fell over at around 1pm.  


After it fell, there was a fracas in the street as the driver tried to restart the truck to return it to a suitable position. However, a police sergeant, as well as locals who live in the street, stopped him, and advised him to wait for Health and Safety officials to arrive on location.

The process for righting the concrete pump is underway. However, due to the tight Sliema streets and the position that it fell in, it seems like the operation might be a delicate one.


What do you think of this concrete pump falling over?

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Johnathan Cilia

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