Construction Worker Rushed To Mater Dei After Wall Collapses, Burying Him Under Rubble

Though multiple reports were made to OHSA, the 'inevitable still happened'

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A Senegalese construction worker has been grievously injured after being buried under a pile of rubble following the collapse of a wall in a Swieqi construction site where he was working.

The 24-year-old man from Birzebbuga was rushed to Mater Dei after an evacuation operation involving members of the Civil Protection Department as well as a medical team successfully removed him from the broken debris that collpased upon him following an accident on site.

The incident occurred at around 1:30pm in Triq F. Vidal, Swieqi, today. The man reportedly spent over an hour pinned under construction debris following the collapse.

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A Swieqi resident who lives near the construction site had previously flagged the lack of health and safety measures on the site

"I had full view of the works being done to demolish a house and it was clear that the workers took no health and safety precautions. A manual jack hammer was being used to break down the house that they are actually standing on," they said.

"Reports, videos and photos to OHSA were sent at least three times but nothing seemed to have been done about this. All we received were 'thank you for your email. It has been acknowledged'. Sure enough, the inevitable did happen with a part of the building collapsing on one of the workers," they continued.

"When will we ever learn how to do things properly? When will authorities actually begin to take things seriously. Apparently OHSA are on their way now... too little too late," they ended.

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