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Drivers Getting Fined And Losing Points Over No U-Turn Sign In Mosta Square

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People who drive down Mosta’s main road and attempt to turn back up after reaching the piazza are getting fined and losing penalty points from their license.

This is thanks to a new traffic rule on Constitution Street, stopping people from U-turning around and using the area as a roundabout as it used to be in the past.

Drivers who want to return to Constitution Street must therefore continue driving into Mosta and eventually turn back around.   

A ‘No U-turn’ sign and a camera have been installed at the piazza, and drivers who break the traffic rule are fined and risk losing penalty points. This makes it a pressing issue as drivers who accumulate 12 points or more during the span of a year have their driving licenses revoked.

A woman who spoke to Lovin Malta said she lost three penalty points after turning back onto Constitution Street and questioned the logic of this new rule.

“Why are they forcing people to drive towards where the Lord Nelson restaurant used to be and then back around when they can easily turn on the street itself?” she asked.

In a Facebook group for Mosta residents, mayor Chris Grech defended this new traffic rule.

“It’s not a roundabout. A roundabout is called so because you can turn around it 360 degrees,” he said. “In this case you can’t turn. The sign is clear. Nothing to contest about. No turning.”

Residents and drivers have asked him to explain the logic behind this new rule and his attitude towards the issue is frustrating some people.   

“I can’t stand that the mayor hasn’t given a legitimate reason and has only stated that it’s not a roundabout,” he said.

A Mosta resident warned that the new rule could even damage businesses in the area.

“The sign is nonsensical, disrupts traffic flow around the town centre and disrupts commerce as cars looking for parking space for shopping are redirected out of Mosta and cannot turn back due to this no U-turn sign,” he told the mayor.

“One will not be bothered with navigating the narrow entrances and traffic back to the city centre and will take their business elsewhere. Time to reconsider?”

Others asked the mayor to clarify exactly what route people are allowed to take to go back up Constitution Street, warning that the area is currently a “maze full of traps”.

Lovin Malta has asked Grech to clarify the logic behind this new traffic rule but is yet to receive a response.

Should this new traffic rule be scrapped?

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