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Enemed ‘Categorically’ Denies Threatening Petrol Station Owners To End Malta’s Fuel Strike

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Enemed has ‘categorically’ denied claims made by the GRTU that its officials threatened petrol station owners who went ahead with yesterday’s strike.

“A number of petrol stations belonging to the Enemed franchise have reported that they have been contacted by Enemed officials to see if they will be taking part in actions this evening, and if so, that they will be facing repercussions,” the union said yesterday afternoon.

“The GRTU condemns this behavior from a company that is supposed to be independent and that is being used for ulterior motives. GRTU has confirmed that the contract with Enemed cannot stop any petrol station from safeguarding their interests and make decisions as their business needs. The GRTU will be taking all necessary actions to properly protect its members,” the union continued.

They indicated that fuel station owners can form part of the Enemed franchise and could possibly face being replaced as a repercussion. There are about 20 fuel station owners that form part of the franchise, with membership bringing various benefits.

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Enemed have ‘categorically’ denied the claims

In a statement to Lovin Malta, Enemed said it has invested in its franchisees and has always acted in good faith, and hopes a resolution to the strike is found soon.

“Enemed categorically denies that any of its officials used any threatening language. This goes completely against the company’s culture of showing respect in everything we do.
In light of the GRTU directives, Enemed made contact with its franchisees in order to ensure that all contractual obligations which exist between Enemed and its franchisees, together with all competition rules are adhered to at all times. This was done in view of the fact that our focus is of being the “preferred choice for our customers” and providing a continous and undisrupted service falls squarely within this remit.”

“Enemed has invested heavily in its products and in its franchisees, and it has always acted in good faith in order to ensure that it complies with all of its contractual obligations. It however also expects its franchisees to act in good faith and adhere to their obligations which they have contracted in its favour.”

“Enemed is not a party to any dispute which may exist between fuel station owners and the Government. Enemed however appeals to all parties to respect all laws and regulations at all times.
The Company has an interest in ensuring that customers obtain the best possible service and to do so has invested heavily in ensuring that top quality products reach our customers on a daily basis and that certain established standards are adhered to by franchisees of the Enemed brand. Enemed hopes that there is a resolution to this issue at the earliest and apologises for any inconvenience caused to its clients even though it is not party to the dispute.”

Until the GRTU’s actions are over, you will not be able to fill up your car after 6pm

Following a lengthy meeting between the GRTU and several service station owners, a national petrol station strike was announced for 6pm yesterday. Following this, fuel will not be available at any service station on the island outside of normal working hours, meaning ‘self-service’ has been stopped.

Owners of fuel stations and the government of Malta have been involved in lengthy discussions, regarding a plan that would require all stations to upgrade their facilities by next year to be in line with new requirements set by the Environment and Resources Authority and the Regulator for Energy and Water Services.

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