Every Single Person In Malta Paid Almost €1 For The New Wooden Kiosks Outside Valletta

Value for money?

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Photo in circle: V. Attard Buzzing (Instagram) 

The ten wooden kiosks recently installed outside Valletta have come at quite a hefty cost to the taxpayer - €400,000 to be precise, or an equivalent of around 89c per Maltese resident.

The Times of Malta revealed today that the kiosks were designed and installed by Microarquitectura SL - a Barcelona-based company specialising in urban kiosk design. The kiosks were designed as part of the conversion of Triton Square into a pedestrian square, but have proven to be controversial - with several people comparing them to containers found at the Birżebbuġa Freeport. 

Others questioned why kiosks are being installed in Triton Square in the first place, given that the original ones were destroyed to make way for an open space and several other kiosks can be found just down the road at the bus terminus. 

What do you make of the new kiosks? 

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