Forget The Brexit Bus: Take A Look At The Patrijotti Maltin’s New Campaign Truck

Getting in campaign mode!

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It looks like the Moviment Patrijotti Maltin are going all out for their debut European Parliament election.

The MPM, which is best known for its anti-immigration statements, recently launched a truck for its campaign trail, which includes a photo of a jam-packed boat, meant to symbolise how Malta cannot cope with anymore people.

The truck was photographed in Ta' Qali, where the MPM regularly convene to spread their political message.

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Photo: MPM

“Excessive construction and traffic, the most polluted air in Europe, property and rent that is too expensive for Maltese youths, poverty, criminality, low wages, and precarious work,” the slogan reads, referring to problems they believe are caused by immigration.

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Photo: MPM

In an interesting move, the MPM included the photos of former Labour Prime Minister Dom Mintoff and former PN Prime Minister George Borg Olivier, political figureheads the small party often praise for their leadership skills.

In a recent interview with Lovin Malta, MPM leader Henry Battistino warned that modern Malta "is not the country we grew up in and is not the country that Mintoff and Borg Olivier built".

The MPM was recently hit by the resignation of one of its executive members, academic Stephen Florian, who later announced that he will run as an independent MEP candidate.

“Many parties have sold out their homeland for money and it is important for there to be many independent candidates,” he said, in an obvious dig at his former party.

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