Former Italian Prime Minister Showers Praise On Joseph Muscat's Leadership Skills During Migration Crisis

'The man who solved the saga of the migrants is a Prime Minister, but he is not Conte'

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The former Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, has sent out a strong message of support for Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat while hitting out at current Italian leaders.

In an interestingly-worded tweet, Renzi coyly hinted at the person behind solving the latest migrant crisis - and it wasn't who most people would have expected.

"The man who solved the saga of the migrants is a Prime Minister, but he is not Conte. He supports Milan, but it is not Salvini. He speaks Italian, but it is not Di Maio. His name is Joseph Muscat and is the Prime Minister of Malta. It is no coincidence that Salvini attacks him: because he knows that Muscat is a leader, unlike him."

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Pictured above: Matteo Renzi and Joseph Muscat, screenshot from YouTube

The two politicians, who are both centrists, had a lot of common ground when they were both Prime Ministers

Unlike during the current reign of Salvini, which has been characterised by constant criticism of Malta in regards to the migrant crisis, as well as bickering between the two governments, Italy and Malta had a good relationship with Renzi at the helm.

During Matteo Renzi's time as Prime Minister, the migration crisis had seemed to abate to a certain degree.

However, with Salvini making the decisions now, Italy has been consistent in attempting to force its tiny neighbour into accepting more and more migrants found near the two countries territorial waters.

What do you think of Joseph Muscat's decisions on the ongoing migration crisis?

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