Frenchman Breaks Policeman's Finger After Being Stopped From Shitting In Public In St Julian's

The nasty incident happened early this morning

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Pictured above: Triq Mikiel Ang Borg in St. Julian's

A policeman was left with a broken finger after getting involved in a messy arrest of a French student who was literally caught with his pants down releasing a chocolate storm in St Julian's this morning.

The French student, 22-year-old Titouan Robin Malo Billaud, was remanded in custody after pleading not guilty to attacking police officers as well as violently resisting arrest and insulting police officers. The incident happened this morning in Triq Mikiel Ang Borg.

Billaud had been spotted releasing an organic brown turtle in public during a police patrol. When police approached him, he ran away, leading to a police chase. Eventually, Maltese policemen caught up with the young Frenchman, and a violent struggle ensued. It was in this struggle that the policeman's finger was broken.

Inspector Joseph Xerri told Magistrate Joe Mifsud that officers had been patrolling St Julian’s this morning and spotted the accused defecating in public. They went to speak to the accused and he ran away, and it was when he was eventually apprehended and struggling violently that he broke a policeman’s finger.

“Nobody is excused - whatever the reason - for threatening a police officer or injuring them," said Magistrate Joe Mifsud

“Police orders should be immediately obeyed and respect should be shown to every official always and everywhere," Mifsud continued. "This respect should show more clearly in situations where there is some tension.”

He also said that police officers should not allow these incidents to demoralise them, incidents which he said were on the rise. Bail was not given as it was not requested.

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