Google Street View Has Finally Landed In Malta

And one guess where everyone is going to check...

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Months after the weird little cars toured our streets snapping pics of our antiporti, Google's walk-through road experience is finally live in Malta.

This means that you can get a 3D view of virtually any spot in Malta from the comfort of your own home.


But how does it work? Simple! Just grab the little yellow man in the bottom right corner of google maps, and drag him onto the screen. Every available road will light up blue. When you wanna zoom into one spot in particular, just let him fall.

Street View

You can check out virtually anywhere, from the busy streets in Marsa...


... to the quiet expanses in Gozo


They've even got a few footpaths covered that probably involved one person carrying around an aweful lot of heavy equipment.


Shout out to Darren Cassar!

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