Gozitan Mother Jailed After Lying That Her Ex-Partner's New Girlfriend Had Abused Their Children

She had previously falsely accused her ex of using cocaine

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A Gozitan mother has been jailed for eight months after she filed a false police report accusing her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend of violently abusing her two children.

Francine Cini, a 32-year-old from Żebbug, had reported that her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, Angelica Borst, had hurt her children with an electronic tablet when they were with Borst and their father, Domenic Zammit, for a few hours. She alleged that her children had been hurt during these hours.

Borst denied the claims, and Zammit told the Maltese Courts that this was not the first time Cini had made a false report like this about him or his new partner.

During their testimony, the two children said that Borst had never hit them, and that their mother had told them to say that Borst had hurt them to the police. A doctor who inspected the children shortly after the police report was confirmed that there were no signs of any physical violence on the children.

Cini was subsequently found guilty of filing a false police report by Magistrate Joe Mifsud. Since Cini was on probation, Magistrate Mifsud said that she couldn't expect the courts to continue turning a blind eye to her repeated false reports just because she was trying to spite the father of her children, and that "she needed to help herself for God to help her".

Considering the repetitive nature of her crimes - she had previously ended up in court in 2016 after she falsely accused Zammit of using cocaine - the courts felt no other option than to sentence her to eight months of prison effective immediately.

The court also ordered that the children's names are not published publicly.

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