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Gżira Man’s Weed Is So Dank, His Neighbours Thought Someone Had Died In His Flat And Called The Police

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A man apparently growing some bomb-ass kush in Gżira was caught and arrested after some concerned neighbours thought someone had died in their block of flats due to the strong smell emanating from his room, and called the police.

Robert Galambos, a Romanian national (and also national hero in some parts of the world) has been accused of growing cannabis not intended for his personal use.

During his court sitting, inspector Jonathan Ransley said police had been alerted to a possible dead body in the Gżira apartment after residents reported a heavy odour coming from his room.

Residents said the stench was so overpowering that they feared someone had died nearby

Prepared for the worst, officers entered his apartment to find the source of the aroma. However, upon entering Galambos’ apartment, police just found some healthy cannabis plants growing in two tents.

In court, Galambos’ lawyer said that his client should not have been charged, arguing that procedure had been broken.

To be honest though, if Galambos is growing weed that dank, the only procedure being broken is that he isn’t released immediately and given a license to start growing in Mrieħel just like everyone else.

What would you do if you thought your neighbours were growing weed?

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