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‘He Tried To Jump Into The Passenger Seat’ – Liam Debono Back In Court After Driving Without A License Once Again

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Liam Debono, the teen who ran over police sergeant Simon Schembri last year, appeared in court early this morning after he was caught driving without a license once again.

He has also been charged with breaching his €50,000 bail for the attempted murder of the police officer last September.

Malta Today has reported how prosecuting Inspector Fabian Fleri explained that Debono was spotted driving a Fiat Uno near Luqa by a CID officer, who contacted back-up.

“I spotted a beige Fiat Uno crossing my path and looked at the driver. He caught my eye because he was sitting very low in the seat. I recognised him as Liam Debono,” a sergeant part of the attempted murder case told the court.

Debono drove into a side street and attempted to jump into the passenger seat once he heard the police sirens.

Police arrived on the scene as the other person in the car was opening the driver side door. The man, Jason Zammit, confirmed to police that Debono was driving.

Magistrate Mifsud said that the case would have to continue to be heard by him as it was a breach of bail which he had granted.

Fleri also testified that he had been given information by police that Debono was spotted driving a Toyota and a BMW belonging to the two daughters of Zammit. An order to stop the cars was issued.

Debono, Fleri said, had chosen to give a statement without the presence of a lawyer. He insisted that he had only driven the vehicles on private roads.

Magistrate Joseph Mifsud, who is overseeing the case given that he breached the bail related to the attempted murder case, revealed that the Debono has not requested bail and will remain in custody.

In May 2018, Debono ran over Simon Schembri in Luqa after the police sergeant stopped him upon finding out that he had been driving without a seatbelt or a license. The hit-and-run incident forced Schembri to amputate his arm.

The case will continue on Wednesday 29th May.

Legal aid Victor Bugeja represented Debono for today’s sitting.

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