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Hit-And-Run Driver Captured By Police After Leaving Teen Bleeding On The Ground In Paola

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A 27-year-old driver from Isla has been arrested in relation to a bloody hit-and-run in Paola that left a youth from Rabat laid out on the ground with serious injuries. The driver was arrested in Floriana by police officers within two hours of the attack occurring, where he admitted to the committing the crime.

Officers of the Rapid Intervention Unit were searching for the driver following the hit-and-run on Friday afternoon. While the license plate of the car wasn’t known, they knew it was a black Mercedes car, and that its windshield was cracked.

They found the damaged car nearby in Triq Clarence in Paola hidden under a white sheet. They contacted the owner soon afterwards to be arrested.

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The hit-and-run happened at around 1.30pm near Paola’s MCAST

The Isla driver drove into the Rabat youth, causing him to fall over into the middle of the street. The youth reportedly tried to stand back up and struggled to walk away. TVM reported that after hitting the youth, a woman got out of the car for a moment, before getting back in and the car sped off at a high speed.

A woman who was nearby heard the impact and rushed over to the youth to administer First Aid along with two other youths who were nearby. They placed the injured youth on his side and attempted to stem the flow of blood from a serious injury in his head.

The two other youths called for help and cooperated with the police, though they said they weren’t able to recall the license plate of the Mercedes in all the confusion.

The youth was taken to Mater Dei where it was confirmed that he had sustained serious injuries to his head and face. He is currently being treated and the case is being investigated.

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