Hundreds Of Birgu Residents Are Fighting Kiosk In Public Square

The kiosk has been approved in one of the old city's few public squares

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Some 350 Birgu residents have filed a court application to oppose the Planning Authority’s approval of a food kiosk along with tables and chairs on a quaint public square overlooking the Grand Harbour.

The residents are arguing the development will ruin one of the last remaining public spaces in the old city as well as create noise and parking inconveniences.

The Planning Authority had originally rejected developer Arthur Grech’s application on the grounds that it went against policies which regulate kiosk sizes and residents’ rights.

However, the decision was overruled by the Planning Authority’s own tribunal which ruled in favour of Grech’s arguments that the kiosk had to be judged by the policies which had been in place back in 2008, when an outline permit for it had been granted.


The news was met with disgust on social media when it was shared by a Facebook page promoting restaurants in the Three Cities.

“Shameful! Typical of our country to ruin a tranquil open space where people can relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful views on the island and turn it into another environmental scar where people can stuff their faces with junk food,” one particularly damning comment read.

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