Hunters And BirdLife Lay Down Arms For Mellieħa Nature Conservation Works

Old enemies joined forces for a common cause yesterday enemy

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BirdLife Malta and hunting organisation FKNK put their long-standing rivalry behind them yesterday morning as they joined forces to plant trees, rebuild rubble walls and clean up litter at L-Aħrax in Mellieħa. 

The FKNK’s Mellieħa sub-committee regularly organises such initiatives amongst its members at the countryside in L-Aħrax, but this time also invited BirdLife and other environmental NGOs to join them. 

“We are glad that the general public also enjoys spending time in L-Aħrax, but we can no longer accept the vast amount of vandalism and littering carried out some people,” the FKNK said. “Some people just drive straight into the woods and, in doing so, uproot trees that are more than 30 years old and knock down rubble walls. To raise more environmental awareness about this area, we decided to invite other environmental NGOs to join us in our conservation works this year.”

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BirdLife gladly accepted the offer and said it will continue finding common grounds to work with all all entities for the benefit of nature conservation. 

“Times changing?” BirdLife’s conservation manager Nik Barbara questioned. “From today's cleanup at l-Ahrax with the Mellieha branch of the hunters' federation. Picking up wet garbage, planting trees and various conversations on what constitutes ‘conservation'."

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For the occasion, the Parks Directorate also gave the FKNK 100 Aleppo Pine trees and 50 African Tamarisk to plant at L-Aħrax. They were delivered by parliamentary secretary for agriculture Clint Camilleri, who planted one of the trees himself. 

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