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‘I’m Furious!’: Dog Dies In Rabat After Being Run Over On Red-Hot Tarmac And Left For Dead

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Environmental Minister Jose Herrera has said he will report a shocking incident to Animal Welfare after a dog was run over and left for dead in Rabat.

“I’m furious – until an hour ago, this dog was alive on the red-hot tarmac after someone had run him over – I know this because someone who lives nearby told me,” a woman who posted a picture of the dead dog to the Facebook page RUBS Puppy Love.

“I also know that two people stopped near the dog before me and called Animal Welfare. These people just told me that when they called Animal Welfare were understaffed and were in Żabbar plus they had a puncture on the way,” she said.

“The dog died by the time I came across him in Tas-Salib in the limits of Rabat.”

“The Cleansing Department is coming to take him, but why do we need to remain with this type of service from Animal Welfare? And who ran over him just kept going? Is this how we will continue in this country?” she ended.

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