Injured Turtle Found In St Paul's Bay And Brought Onto Land For Treatment After Fighting Too Much

At first, they thought Gabriel had been hit by a boat

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A group of Maltese fishermen came across an injured turtle while out on their boat near St Paul's Bay. Upon finding the turtle, they lifted the injured creature onto the boat before making their way back to land and contacting Nature Trust Malta.

The fisherman said they thought the turtle had been hit by a boat, similar to what happened in a recent case.

However, Nature Trust Malta confirmed with Newsbook that it looks like the injuries sustained by the turtle - which they named Gabriel - are consistent with a turtle fight. It seems that this turtle may have gotten into a fight with another turtle whereupon the turtle was injured.

Nature Trust Malta confirmed that Gabriel was currently undergoing vetinarary treatment and, if treatment goes according to plan, the turtle would be released in the coming days.

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