WATCH: Is This The Worst Traffic Violation We've Seen On Malta's Roads?

This was an accident waiting to happen

A large truck has been filmed dangerously cutting across four lanes on the Mrieħel bypass, disregarding all rules to the shock of everyone watching. Posted to the group Selfish Drivers - Malta, the footage has already been viewed over 20,000 times.

The footage, captured from a vehicle waiting to turn into Mrieħel's industrial estate, shows the truck poking out from a side road, disregarding the flow of traffic, driving through a one-way entrance, and cutting across a third lane to finally continue making its way up towards Attard and Mdina.

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This footage comes after a similar incident saw a road traffic accident take place for the exact same 'shortcut'. Thankfully it seems that no one was hurt by this driver's actions, despite a close call from a white van driving along the outer lane of the to-Mdina route.

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