It's Official: Maltese People Love Drinking More Than Everybody Else

The research stated that residents in countries with high socio-demographic index drink more

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Maltese people all love to have a drink or two… or three. And as it turns out, the average Maltese adult consumes around one to two alcoholic beverages a day.

We’ve got a problem, Brenda.

A study conducted by peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet, found that our consumption of alcohol is a tad bit higher than the global average.

The study states that 60% to 79.9% of locals were current drinkers in 2016, meaning that they drank alcohol during that year.

The Lancet

The Lancet states that 25% of women in Malta are drinkers. The number goes up when it comes to men totalling at 39% of the male population.

The study was based on 195 different countries to look into the impact of alcohol use and its burdens around the world. The research also notes that people who live in countries with high socio-demographic index tend to drink more. This index is itself based on income, education and overall country development.

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Chiara Micallef